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VJJ Tightening Gel

VJJ Tightening Gel

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Main Ingredients: 
Kuh-seng,Stemona,Fructus cnidii,Poria cocos,Carthamus tinctorious,Aloes,Borneol,Propolis,Motherwort.

1.One tube per night ,for 18 consecutive days for a course of treatment.
2.After the insertion of gel DO NOT have intercourse. If you choose to have intimate intercourse you must use the gel either 1 hour before fun time or 1 hour after .
3.Vjj Rejuvenation Gel can be used on a daily basis.

Directions for use:
1)Clean the vulva before bedtime ,lying down and raise the hip.
2)Remove the protective cap of applicator and gently insert the pre-filled applicator into the vvjj at least 7cm deep.
3)Squeeze the plunger until the gel is delivered.
4)Take out the applicator out of vjj.
5)Keep hips raise 5-10 minutes to give the gel time to be absorbed.

Primary Benefits: 
•Tightening vjj naturally
•Eradicate vjj dryness problem
•Contract and reshape the vjj walls
•Dispel abnormal odor
•Kill bacterial and remove inflammation of vjj
•Restore the suppleness
•Improve natural lubrication of vjj
•Dispel unpleasant odor of vjj
•Reduce excessive mucus
•Release estrogen and stimulate female vjj
•Give more pleasure and comfort for intimate life


Internal installed in vagina, do not take it orally.
The prohibition of use for menstrual period, pregnant, and lactation women.
Should put it in children is not easy to get a place.

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